ICHS 2009 Conference

September 16-18, 2009
Congress Palace

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Themes And Topics

Theme 1: Building Public Awareness of Hydrogen Safety

  • Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier; Past, Present and Future
  • Progress in Closing Knowledge Gaps
  • Current Applications; Portable, Mobile and Stationary
  • Safety Training Techniques and Programs
  • Methods for Achieving Public Awareness
  • Technical Progress and Knowledge Building in Codes and Standards

Theme 2: Latest Advances in Hydrogen Safety R&D

  • Modeling, Simulation and Validation
  • Experimental Programs and Testing
  • Sensors and Mitigation
  • Materials Safety (hydrogen effects on materials, including fuel quality)
  • Hydrogen behaviour (release, dispersion, ignition and autoignition, combustion: deflagration, detonation, Transitional effects)
  • Physical effects (thermal, overpressure and missile effects from hydrogen fires and explosions)

Theme 3: Risk Management and Insurance

  • Risk-informed / safety engineering
    • Methods to reduce safety distances
  • Risk / safety perception
  • Risk acceptance and harm criteria
  • Risk assessment uncertainty, cost-benefit analysis and insurance premiums
  • The insurance industry approach
    • Research involvement
    • Liability vs. property insurance