General opening + Plenary session


- President of Tuscany Region: Dr. Claudio Martini

- Chancellor of the University of Pisa: Dr. Marco Pasquali

- General Director of the Italian Fire Corps, Italian Ministry of Interior: Pref. Mario Morcone

- Italian Ministry of the Productive activities: Dr. Corrado Clini, Hydrogen Italian Policy and IPHE

International key notes (EU, J, CAN, US):

- MacIntyre, I., Tchouvelev, A.V., Hay, D.R., Wong, J., Grant, J. and Benard, P., Canadian Hydrogen Safety Program.

- Kinzey, B.R., Ruiz, A. and Davis, P.B., The Hydrogen Safety Program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

- Ikeya T., Development of Hydrogen Safety Technologies in Japan.

- Perez Sainz A., European Initiatives in the field of Hydrogen Safety, Regulations, Codes and Standards.



Hy Release


- 110126_Venetsanos, A.G. and Bartzis, J.G., CFD modelling of large-scale LH2 spills in open environment.

- 110078_Verfondern, K. and Dienhart, B., Pool Spreading and Vaporization of Liquid Hydrogen.

- 110090_Cheng, Z., Agranat, V. M., Tchouvelev, A. V., Houf, W. and Zhubrin, S. V., PRD Hydrogen Release and Dispersion, a Comparison of CFD Results Obtained from Using Ideal and Real Gas Law Properties.

- 110132_ Molkov V. V., Makarov D. V. and Prost E., On numerical simulation of liquefied and gaseous hydrogen releases at large scales.

- 120004_Gallego, E., Migoya, E., Martín-Valdepeñas, J.M., Crespo, A., García, J., Venetsanos, A., Papanikolaov, E., Kumar, S., Studer, E., Hansen, O.R., Dagba, Y., Jordan, T., Jahn, W., Høiset, S., Makarov, D. and Piechna, J., An Intercomparison Exercise on the Capabilities of CFD Models to Predict Distribution and Mixing of H2 in a Closed Vessel.

- 110122_ Xu, B.P., Zhang, J.P., Wen, J.X., Dembele, S. and Karwatzki, J., Numerical Study of a Higly Under-expanded Hydrogen Jet.

- 100071­_ Paillère, H., Studer, E., Beccantini, A. , Kudriakov, S., Dabbene, F., and Perret, C., Modelling of H2 Dispersion and Combustion Phenomena Using CFD Codes.

- 110045_ Angers, B., Hourri, A., Bénard, P., Tessier, P. and Perrin, J., Simulations of hydrogen releases from a storage tanks: dispersion and consequences of ignition.

- 100044_ Takeno, K., Okabayashi, K., Ichinose, T., Kouchi, A., Nonaka, T., Hashiguchi, K. and Chitose, K., Phenomena of Dispersion and Explosion of High Pressurized Hydrogen

- 110021­_ Granovskiy, E.A., Lyfar’, V.A., Skob, Yu.A. and Ugryumov, M.L., Numerical Modeling of Hydrogen Release, Mixture and Dispersion in Atmosphere.

- 110090_ Cheng Z, Agranat V.M. and Tchouvelev A.V. , Vertical Turbulent Buoyant Helium Jet - CFD Modeling and Validation.

- 120005_Shirvill, L.C., Roberts, P., Butler, C.J., Roberts, T.A. and Royle, M., Characterization of the Hazards from Jet Releases of Hydrogen.

- 140025_Ambrosini, W., Forgione, N. Oriolo, F. and Parozzi, F., Mixing of Dense or Light Gases with Turbulent Air: a Fast-Running Model for Lumped Parameter Codes.

- 320033_ Mukai, S., Suzuki, J., Mitsuishi, H., Oyakawa, K., and Watanabe, S., CFD Simulation on Diffusion of Leaked Hydrogen Caused by Vehicle Accident in Tunnels.


Hydrogen Vehicles


- 220117_ Rybin, H., Krainz, G., Bartlok, G. and Kratzer, E., Safety demands for automotive hydrogen storage systems

- 310002_ Fürst, S., Dub, M., Gruber, M., Lechner, W., and Müller, C., Safety of hydrogen-fueled motor vehicles with IC engines.

- 140037_ Watanabe, S., Tamura, Y. and Suzuki, J., The New Facility for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety Evaluation.

- 320121_ Papanikolaou, E.A. and Venetsanos, A.G., CFD modeling for helium releases in a private garage without forced ventilation.

- 310001_ Mitsuishi, H., Oshino, K. and Watanabe, S., Dynamic Crush Test on Hydrogen Pressurized Cylinder.

Production & Storage


220006_ Sindelar, R., Kaufmann, H., May, U., Krainz, G. and Hofmeister, F., Characterization of Materials in Pressurized Hydrogen Under Cyclic Loading at Service Conditions in Hydrogen Powered Engines.

- 210029_ Haraldsen, K. and Leth-Olsen, H., Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels in High-Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers.

- 210048_ Bassi, A., Bertrand, F., Barbier, D., Aujollet, P. and Anzieu, P., Massive H2 production with nuclear heating, safety approach for coupling a VHTR with an Iodine Sulfur process cycle.

- 220113_­ Wada, Y., Ishigaki, R., Tanaka, Y., Iwadate, T. and Ohnishi, K., Evaluation of Metal Materials for Hydrogen Fuel Stations.

- 210001_ Cercignani, G., Cozzani, V., Nicolella, C. and Zanelli, S., Innovative Passive Protection Systems for Hydrogen Production Plants.

- 220003_ Brown, A.E.P., Nunes, E.N., Teruya, C.M., Anacleto, L.H., Fedrigo, J.C. and Artoni, M.R.O., Quantitative Risk Analysis Of Gaseous Hydrogen Storage Unit.

- 220024_Seco F, Agote I., Ezponda E., Guisasola I.N., Lagos M.A., Kharatyan S.L. and Sargsyan A.R., Novel Safe Method of Manufacturing Hydrogen Metallic Hydrides.


Ignition and Flammability


- 120001_ Schroeder, V. and Holtappels, K., Explosion Characteristics of Hydrogen-air and Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixtures at elevated pressures.

- 120002_ Chaumeix, N., Pichon, S., Lafosse, F., Udari, N. and Paillard, C.-E., Role of Chemical Kinetics on the Detonation Properties of Hydrogen/Natural Gas/ Air Mixtures.

- 100098­­_Astbury, G.R. and Hawksworth, S.J., Spontaneous Ignition of Hydrogen Leaks: a Review of Postulated Mechanisms

- 100032_ Di Sarli, V. and Di Benedetto, A., Study of Hydrogen Enriched Premixed Flames.

- 120047_ Weiser, V., Roth, E., Kelzenberg, S., Eckl, W., Eisenreich, N. and Langer, G., Measuring and modelling unsteady radiation of hydrogen combustion.

- 120119_Mogi, T., Nishida, H. and Horiguchi, S., Flame Characteristics of High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas Jet.

- 120133_ Elhsnawi M. and Teodorczyk A., Experimental Study of Hot Inert Gas Jet Ignition of Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture.


Transport & Distribution


- 230001_ Pilo, F., Munaro, L. and Zanardo, A., Case of compressed gaseous tube trailer.

- 230120­_ Alliat, I. and Heerings, J., Assessing the Durability and Integrity of Natural Gas Infrastructures for Transporting and Distributing Mixtures of Hydrogen and Natural Gas.

- 110077_ Wilkening, H. and Baraldi, D., CFD modelling of accidental hydrogen release from pipelines.




Explosions – Experiments


- 120036_ Tanaka, T., Azuma, T., Evans, J.A., Cronin, P.M., Johnson, D.M. and Cleaver, R.P., Experimental Study on Hydrogen Explosions in a full-scale hydrogen filling station model.

- 120039_ Wakabayashi, K., Mogi, T., Kim, D., Abe, T., Ishikawa, K., Kuroda, E., Matsumura, T., Nakayama, Y., Horiguchi, S., Oya, M., and Fujiwara S., A field explosion test of hydrogen-air mixtures.

- 120105_ Groethe, M., Merilo, E., Colton, J., Chiba, S. , Sato, Y. and Iwabuchi, H., Large-Scale Hydrogen Deflagrations and Detonations.

- 120009_ Breitung, W., Analysis Methodology for Hydrogen Behaviour in Accident Scenarios.

- 120018_ Schneider, H., Large Scale Experiments: Deflagration and Deflagration to Detonation within a Partial Confinement Similar to a Lane.


Refueling Station & Stationary Application


230095_ Markert, F., Nielsen, S. K., Paulsen, J.L. and Andersen, V., Safety Aspects of Land-Use Planning Scenarios for a Future Infra Structure with Hydrogen Re-Fuelling Stations.

- 230100_ Faudou, J-Y., Lehman, J-Y. and Pregassame, S., Hydrogen Refueling Stations: Safe Filling Procedures.

- 330110_ Calì, M., Fontana, E., Giaretto, V., Orsello, G. and Santarelli, M., The EOS Project: A SOFC Pilot Plant in Italy, Safety aspects.

- 230003_ Barthelemy, H. and Allidieres, L., Gaseous hydrogen Refuelling Stations : Selection of Materials for Hydrogen High Pressure Fuelling Connectors.

- 230079_ Galatola, E., Nava, R. and Di Clemente, L., Potential Models for Stand-Alone and Multi-Fuel Gaseous Hydrogen Refuelling Stations: Assessment of Associated Risk.



Explosions – Modeling


- 120003_ Gallego, E., García, J., Migoya, E., Crespo, A., Kotchourko, A., Yanez, J., Beccantini, A., Hansen, O.R., Baraldi, D., Høiset, S., Voort, M.M. and Molkov, V., An Intercomparison Exercise on the Capabilities of CFD Models to Predict Deflagration of a Large-Scale H2-Air Mixture in Open Atmosphere.

- 120075_ Hansen, O.R., Renoult, J., Sherman, M.P. and Tieszen, S.R., Validation of Flacs-Hydrogen CFD Consequence Prediction Model Against Large Scale H2 Explosion Experiments in the Flame Facility.

- 120131_ Molkov, V.V., Makarov, D.V. and Schneider, H., Hydrogen-air deflagrations in open atmosphere: large eddy simulation analysis of experimental data.

- 120038_Vaagsaether, K., Knudsen, V. and Bjerketvedt, D., Simulation of flame acceleration and DDT in H2-air mixture with a flux limiter centred method.

- 120011_ Kotchourko, A., Methodology of CFD Safety Analysis for Large-Scale Industrial Structures.

- 120132_ Shabunya, S.I., Martynenko, V.V., Till, M. and Perrin, J., 1D Phenomenological Model Estimating the Overpressure which could be Generated by Gas Explosion in a Congested Space.

- 130028_ Nozu, T., Tanaka, R., Ogawa, T., Hibi, K. and Sakai, Y., Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Explosion Tests with a Barrier Wall for Blast Mitigation.

- 140040_Kirillov, I. A., Strelkova, M.I., Panasenko, A.V. and Roekaerts, D., Sensitivity to detonation and detonation celluLar structure of H2-O2-AIr-H2O2 gas mixtures.


Education, Training & Lessons learned


- 100068_ Weiner, S.C., Kallman, R.A., Ruiz, A. and Schneider, J.M., Hydrogen Safety: From Policies to Plans to Practices.

- 100096_ Bjerketvedt, D. and Mjaavatten, A., A Hydrogen-Air Explosion in a Process Plant: A Case History.

- 130115_ Chernicoff, W.p., Miller, G. A., Facilitating the Safest Possible Transition from Fossil to Hydrogen Fuels: Hydrogen Executive Leadership Panel.

- 100116_ Dahoe, A.E, and Molkov, V.V., Towards Hydrogen Safety Education and Training.

- 100052_ Kinzey, B.R., Fassbender, L.L. and Akers, B.M., National Training Facility for Hydrogen Safety. Five year plan for HAMMER.



Risk Assessment


- 140031_Funnemark, E. and Engebø, A., Development of Tools for Risk Assessment and Risk Communication for Hydrogen Applications.

- 140076_ Andersen V., Paulsen J.L. and Markert F., A Survey Among Expertsof Safety Related to the Use of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier.

- 120125_ Delichatsios, M.A. and Fardis, M.N., A Reappraisal of Containment Safety Under Hydrogen Detonation.

- 100129_ Dorofeev, S.B., Evaluation of Safety Distances Related to Unconfined Hydrogen Explosions.

- 140062_ Baronov, G.S., Grigoriev, S.A., Kalinnikov, A.A. and Fateev, V.N., Development of Hydrogen Sensors and Recombiners.

- 140114_ Hoevenaars, A.J. and Kirchsteiger, C., Agent-Based as an Alternative to Prognostic Modeling of Safety Risks in Hydrogen Energy Scenarios.

Legal Requirements & Standards


- 410092_ Howard, G.W., Tchouvelev, A.V., Cheng, Z. and Agranat, V.M., Defining Hazardous Zones – Electrical Classification Distances.

- 410093_ Tchouvelev, A.V., Benard, P., Agranat, V. and Cheng, Z., Determination of Clearance Distances for Venting of Hydrogen Storage.

- 420064_Grasso, N., Ciannelli, N., Pilo, F., Carcassi, M. and Ceccherini, F., Fire Prevention Technical Rule for Gaseous Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

- 140035_ Ohi, J.M., Moen, C., Keller, J and Cox, R., Risk Assessment for Hydrogen Codes and Standards.

- 600001_ Dey, R., ISO/Technical Committee 197 - Hydrogen Technologies status of work.

- 410041_ Marangon, A., Carcassi, M.N., Engebo, A. and Nilsen, S., Safety Distances: Definition and Values.




- 130106_ Wu, Y., Al-Rahbi, I. S., Lu, Y. and Kalghatgi, G. T., Effect of Carbon Dioxide, Argon and Hydrocarbon Fuels on the Stability of Hydrogen Jet Flames.

- 110127_ Keßler, A., Ehrhardt, W. and Langer, G., Hydrogen detection: Visualisation of Hydrogen using non invasive optical schlieren technique BOS.

- 130002_ Castello, P. and Salyk, O., Testing of Hydrogen Safety Sensors in Service Simulated Conditions.

Legal Requirements & Standards


- 410082_Stephenson, R.R., Fire Safety of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles: System-Level Bonfire Test.

- 220001_ Mair, G.W., Hydrogen Onboard Storage- An Insertion of the Probabilistic Approach into Standards & Regulations?

- 100020_ Halvorsen, B.G. and Høiset, S., Hydrogen Fuelling Station, CEP-Berlin – Safety Risk Assesment and Authority Approval Experience and Lessons Learned.



Safety Related Initiatives


- 400081_Komori, M., Yoshida, T., Onoue, K. and Kikukawa, S., Mori, T. and Takagi, K., Safety Study of Hydrogen Supply Stations for the Review of High Pressure Gas Safety Law in Japan.

- 140024_ Florisson, O. and Huizing R.R., The Safe Use of the Existing Natural Gas System for Hydrogen (Overview of the Naturalhy-Project.)

- 150002_Jordan, T., Perrette, L., Paillère, H., HySafe European network of excellence on hydrogen safety.

- 150001_Hoagland, W., Collaborative Activities On Hydrogen Safety under the International Energy Agency’s Hydrogen Implementing Agreement.