International Key Notes

Hy Release 1

Hydrogen Vehicles

Hy Release 2

Production & Storage

Ignition & Flammability

Transport & Distribution

Explosions - Experiments

Refueling Station & Stationary Application

Explosions - Modeling

Education, Training & Lessons Learned

Risk Assessment

Legal Requirements & Standards


Safety Related Initiatives

Round Table "Industrial Prospective"


Hy Release 2

Chairman: S. Dorofeev, FM Global Research




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- 110045_ Angers, B., Hourri, A., Bénard, P., Tessier, P. and Perrin, J., Simulations of hydrogen releases from a storage tanks: dispersion and consequences of ignition.

- 100044_ Takeno, K., Okabayashi, K., Ichinose, T., Kouchi, A., Nonaka, T., Hashiguchi, K. and Chitose, K., Phenomena of Dispersion and Explosion of High Pressurized Hydrogen