International Key Notes

Hy Release 1

Hydrogen Vehicles

Hy Release 2

Production & Storage

Ignition & Flammability

Transport & Distribution

Explosions - Experiments

Refueling Station & Stationary Application

Explosions - Modeling

Education, Training & Lessons Learned

Risk Assessment

Legal Requirements & Standards


Safety Related Initiatives

Round Table "Industrial Prospective"


Legal Requirements & Standards

Chairman: M. Steen, Eur. Comm. - JRC




- 410092_ Howard, G.W., Tchouvelev, A.V., Cheng, Z. and Agranat, V.M., Defining Hazardous Zones – Electrical Classification Distances.

- 410093_ Tchouvelev, A.V., Benard, P., Agranat, V. and Cheng, Z., Determination of Clearance Distances for Venting of Hydrogen Storage.

- 420064_Grasso, N., Ciannelli, N., Pilo, F., Carcassi, M. and Ceccherini, F., Fire Prevention Technical Rule for Gaseous Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

- 140035_ Ohi, J.M., Moen, C., Keller, J and Cox, R., Risk Assessment for Hydrogen Codes and Standards.

- Dey, R., ISO/Technical Committee 197 - Hydrogen Technologies status of work.


Legal Requirements & Standards

Chairman: P. Davis, DoE & Dey, R., ISO/Technical Committee 197



- 410082_Stephenson, R.R., Fire Safety of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles: System-Level Bonfire Test.

- 220001_ Mair, G.W., Hydrogen Onboard Storage- An Insertion of the Probabilistic Approach into Standards & Regulations?

- 100020_ Halvorsen, B.G. and Hřiset, S., Hydrogen Fuelling Station, CEP-Berlin – Safety Risk Assesment and Authority Approval Experience and Lessons Learned.