International Key Notes

Hy Release 1

Hydrogen Vehicles

Hy Release 2

Production & Storage

Ignition & Flammability

Transport & Distribution

Explosions - Experiments

Refueling Station & Stationary Application

Explosions - Modeling

Education, Training & Lessons Learned

Risk Assessment

Legal Requirements & Standards


Safety Related Initiatives

Round Table "Industrial Prospective"


Production & Storage

Chairman: L. Pellegrini, ENI




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- 210029_ Haraldsen, K. and Leth-Olsen, H., Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels in High-Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers.

- 210048_ Bassi, A., Bertrand, F., Barbier, D., Aujollet, P. and Anzieu, P., Massive H2 production with nuclear heating, safety approach for coupling a VHTR with an Iodine Sulfur process cycle.

- 220113_ Wada, Y., Ishigaki, R., Tanaka, Y., Iwadate, T. and Ohnishi, K., Evaluation of Metal Materials for Hydrogen Fuel Stations.